Monday, October 19, 2015

Deep Basement Construction

Basements can be constructed within a cofferdam or other temporary supported excavation up to the point when these methods become uneconomic, unacceptable or both due to the amount of necessary temporary support work. Deep basements can be constructed by installing diaphragm walls within a trench and providing permanent support with ground anchors or by using the permanent lateral support given by the internal floor during the excavation period (see next page). Temporary lateral support during the excavation period can be provided by lattice beams spanning between the diaphragm walls
Deep Basement Construction
NB. vertical ground anchors installed through the lowest floor can be used to overcome any tendency to flotation during the construction period

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  1. Basement is often used as a storage place apart from the many other purposes that families transform it to. Deep construction would help ensure the base or ground of the structure is sturdy and stable to accommodate any weight load.