Thursday, October 15, 2015

Basement Excavations - Perimeter Trench Excavations

In this method a trench wide enough for the basement walls to be constructed is excavated and supported with timbering as required. It may be necessary for runners or steel sheet piling to be driven ahead of the excavation work. This method can be used where weak subsoils are encountered so that the basement walls act as permanent timbering whilst the mound or dumpling is excavated and the base slab cast. Perimeter trench excavations can also be employed in firm subsoils when the mechanical plant required for excavating the dumpling is not available at the right time.


  1. Careful and thorough planning needs to be done before any excavation works can take place. This is to prevent any problems from occurring which might damage the foundation or base of the storage shed or garage structure.

  2. how are sheet piles installed as timbering???????????????????