Friday, June 26, 2015

Retaining Walls up to 6-000 High

These can be classified as medium height retaining walls and have the primary function of retaining soils at an angle in excess of the soil's natural angle of repose. Walls within this height range are designed to provide the necessary resistance by either their own mass or by the principles of leverage.

Design the actual design calculations are usually carried out by a structural engineer who endeavours to ensure that:

1. Overturning of the wall does not occur.
2. Forward sliding of the wall does not occur.
3. Materials used are suitable and not overstressed.
4. The subsoil is not overloaded.
5. In clay subsoils slip circle failure does not occur.

The factors which the designer will have to take into account:

1. Nature and characteristics of the subsoil(s).
2. Height of water table † the presence of water can create hydrostatic pressure on the rear face of the wall, it can also affect the bearing capacity of the subsoil together with its shear strength, reduce the frictional resistance between the underside of the foundation and the subsoil and reduce the passive pressure in front of the toe of the wall.
3. Type of wall.
4. Material(s) to be used in the construction of the wall.

Retaining Walls up to 6-000 High

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