Monday, January 19, 2015

Foundation Design Principles and Procedure

Foundation Design Principles.- the main objectives of foundation design are to ensure that the structural loads are transmitted to the subsoil(s) safely, economically and without any unacceptable movement during the construction period and throughout the anticipated life of the building or structure.

Basic Design Procedure.- this can be considered as a series of steps or stages

1. Assessment of site conditions in the context of the site and soil investigation report.

2. Calculation of anticipated structural loading(s).

3. Choosing the foundation type taking into consideration  

a. Soil conditions;
b. Type of structure;
c. Structural loading(s);
d. Economic factors;
e. Time factors relative to the proposed contract period;
f. Construction problems.

4. Sizing the chosen foundation in the context of loading(s), ground bearing capacity and any likely future movements of the building or structure.

Foundation Design Principles and Procedure

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