Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Foundations Example

The function of any foundation is to safely sustain and transmit to the ground on which it rests the combined dead, imposed and wind loads in such a manner as not to cause any settlement or other movement which would impair the stability or cause damage to any part of the building.

Foundations Example

Subsoil beneath foundation is compressed and reacts by exerting an upward pressure to resist foundation loading. If foundation load exceeds maximum passive pressure of ground (i.e. bearing capacity) a downward movement of the foundation could occur. Remedy is to increase plan size of foundation to reduce the load per unit area or alternatively reduce the loadings being carried by the foundations.

Power Float

A hand-operated electric motor or petrol engine, surmounted over a mechanical surface skimmer. Machines are provided with an interchangeable revolving disc and a set of blades. These are used in combination to produce a smooth, dense and level surface finish to in-situ concrete beds.

The advantages offset against the cost of plant hire are:

* Eliminates the time and materials needed to apply a finishing screed.
* A quicker process and less labour-intensive than hand troweling.