Monday, July 7, 2014

Concrete Pumps

These are used to transport large volumes of concrete in a short time period (up to 100 m3 per hour) in both the vertical and horizontal directions from the pump position to the point of placing. Concrete pumps can be trailer or lorry mounted and are usually of a twin cylinder hydraulically driven format with a small bore pipeline (100 mm diameter) with pumping ranges of up to 85„000 vertically and 200„000 horizontally depending on the pump model and the combination of vertical and horizontal distances. It generally requires about 45 minutes to set up a concrete pump on site including coating the bore of the pipeline with a cement grout prior to pumping the special concrete mix.

The pump is supplied with pumpable concrete by means of a constant flow of ready mixed concrete lorries throughout the pumping period after which the pipeline is cleared and cleaned. Usually a concrete pump and its operator(s) are hired for the period required.

Concrete Pumps

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