Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rubble Chutes - Demolition

These apply to contracts involving demolition, repair, maintenance and refurbishment. The simple concept of connecting several perforated dustbins is reputed to have been conceived by an ingenious site operative for the expedient and safe conveyance of materials.

In purpose designed format, the tapered cylinders are produced from reinforced rubber with chain linkage for continuity. Overall unit lengths are generally 1100 mm, providing an effective length of 1 m. Hoppers and side entry units are made for special applications.

Rubble Chutes - Demolition
Ref. Highways Act - written permit (licence) must be obtained from the local authority highways department for use of a skip on a public thoroughfare. It will have to be illuminated at night and may require a temporary traffic light system to regulate vehicles.

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