Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Graders - Construction Machinery

These machines are similar in concept to bulldozers in that they have a long slender adjustable mould blade, which is usually slung under the centre of the machine. A grader's main function is to finish or grade the upper surface of a large area usually as a follow up operation to scraping or bulldozing. They can produce a fine and accurate finish but do not have the power of a bulldozer therefore they are not suitable for oversite excavation work. The mould blade can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical planes through an angle of 300 the latter enabling it to be used for grading sloping banks.

Two basic formats of grader are available:-

1. Four Wheeled † all wheels are driven and steered which gives the machine the ability to offset and crab along its direction of travel.

2. Six Wheeled † this machine has 4 wheels in tandem drive at the rear and 2 front tilting idler wheels giving it the ability to counteract side thrust.

Typical Grader Details

 Graders - Construction Machinery

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