Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bulldozers - Construction Machinery

These machines consist of a track or wheel mounted power unit with a mould blade at the front which is controlled by hydraulic rams. Many bulldozers have the capacity to adjust the mould blade to form an angledozer and the capacity to tilt the mould blade about a central swivel point. Some bulldozers can also be fitted with rear attachments such as rollers and scarifiers.

The main functions of a bulldozer are:-

1 . Shallow excavations up to 300 m deep either on level ground or sidehill cutting.
2. Clearance of shrubs and small trees.
3. Clearance of trees by using raised mould blade as a pusher arm.
4. Acting as a towing tractor.
5. Acting as a pusher to scraper machines.

NB. Bulldozers push earth in front of the mould blade with some side spillage whereas angledozers push and cast the spoil to one side of the mould blade.

Typical Bulldozer Details

Bulldozers - Construction Machinery

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