Saturday, April 19, 2014

Builders Plant - Output and Cycle Times

Output and Cycle Times ~ all items of plant have optimum output and cycle times which can be used as a basis for estimating anticipated productivity taking into account the task involved, task efficiency of the machine, operator's efficiency and in the case of excavators the type of soil. Data for the factors to be taken into consideration can be obtained from timed observations, feedback information or published tables contained in manufacturer's literature or reliable textbooks.

Typical Example ~

Backacter with 1 m3 capacity bucket engaged in normal trench excavation in a clayey soil and discharging directly into an attendant haulage vehicle.

An allowance should be made for the bulking or swell of the solid material due to the introduction of air or voids during the excavation process

This gives a vehicle waiting overlap ensuring excavator is fully utilised which is economically desirable.

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