Saturday, April 19, 2014

Builders Plant - Economic and Maintenance Considerations

Economic Considerations ~ the introduction of plant does not always result in economic savings since extra temporary site works such as roadworks, hardstandings, foundations and anchorages may have to be provided at a cost which is in excess of the savings made by using the plant. The site layout and circulation may have to be planned around plant positions and movements rather than around personnel and material movements and accommodation. To be economic plant must be fully utilised and not left standing idle since plant, whether hired or owned, will have to be paid for even if it is non-productive. Full utilisation of plant is usually considered to be in the region of 85% of on site time, thus making an allowance for routine, daily and planned maintenance which needs to be carried out to avoid as far as practicable plant breakdowns which could disrupt the construction programme. Many pieces of plant work in conjunction with other items of plant such as excavators and their attendant haulage vehicles therefore a correct balance of such plant items must be obtained to achieve an economic result.

Maintenance Considerations ~ on large contracts where a number of plant items are to be used it may be advantageous to employ a skilled mechanic to be on site to carry out all the necessary daily, preventive and planned maintenance tasks together with any running repairs which could be carried out on site.

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