Sunday, February 16, 2014

Roads-Kerbs, Pavings and Edgings

Available sections - manufactured in 915 mm lengths from silver/grey aggregate concrete.

Concrete paving flags - BS dimensions:

Tactile flags - manufactured with a blistered (shown) or ribbed surface. Used in walkways to provide warning of hazards or to enable recognition of locations for people whose visibility is impaired. See also, Department of Transport Disability Circular DU 1/86[1], for uses and applications.

Ref. BS EN 1339: Concrete paving flags. Requirements and test methods.

Landscaping ~ in the context of building works this would involve reinstatement of the site as a preparation to the landscaping in the form of lawns, paths, pavings, flower and shrub beds and tree planting. The actual planning, lawn laying and planting activities are normally undertaken by a landscape subcontractor. The main contractor's work would involve clearing away all waste and unwanted materials, breaking up and levelling surface areas, removing all unwanted vegetation, preparing the subsoil for and spreading topsoil to a depth of at least 150mm.

Services ~ the actual position and laying of services is the responsibility of the various service boards and undertakings. The best method is to use the common trench approach, avoid as far as practicable laying services under the highway.

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