Thursday, January 9, 2014

Setting Out Trenches

Setting Out Trenches ~ the objective of this task is twofold. Firstly it must establish the excavation size, shape and direction and secondly it must establish the width and position of the walls. The outline of building will have been set out and using this outline profile boards can be set up to control the position, width and possibly the depth of the proposed trenches. Profile boards should be set up at least 2„000 clear of trench positions so they do not obstruct the excavation work. The level of the profile crossboard should be related to the site datum and fixed at a convenient height above ground level if a traveller is to be used to control the depth of the trench. Alternatively the trench depth can be controlled using a level and staff related to site datum. The trench width can be marked on the profile with either nails or sawcuts and with a painted band if required for identification.

Setting Out Trenches

NB. Corners of walls transferred from intersecting cord lines to mortar spots on concrete foundations using a spirit level

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