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General Considerations ~ before any specific considerations and decisions can be made regarding site layout a general appreciation should be obtained by conducting a thorough site investigation at the pre-tender stage and examining in detail the drawings, specification and Bill of Quantities to formulate proposals of how the contract will be carried out if the tender is successful. This will involve a preliminary assessment of plant, materials and manpower requirements plotted against the proposed time scale in the form of a bar chart.

Access Considerations ~ this must be considered for both on- and off-site access. Routes to and from the site must be checked as to the suitability for transporting all the requirements for the proposed works. Access on site for deliveries and general circulation must also be carefully considered.

Typical Site Access Considerations ~

Storage Considerations ~ amount and types of material to be stored, security and weather protection requirements, allocation of adequate areas for storing materials and allocating adequate working space around storage areas as required, siting of storage areas to reduce double handling to a minimum without impeding the general site circulation and/or works in progress.

Accommodation Considerations ~ number and type of site staff anticipated, calculate size and select units of accommodation and check to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements of the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996, select siting for offices to give easy and quick access for visitors but at the same time giving a reasonable view of the site, select siting for messroom and toilets to reduce walking time to a minimum without impeding the general site circulation and/or works in progress.

Temporary Services Considerations ~ what, when and where are they required? Possibility of having permanent services installed at an early stage and making temporary connections for site use during the construction period, coordination with the various service undertakings is essential.

Plant Considerations ~ what plant, when and where is it required? static or mobile plant? If static select the most appropriate position and provide any necessary hard standing, if mobile check on circulation routes for optimum efficiency and suitability, provision of space and hard standing for on-site plant maintenance if required.

Fencing and Hoarding Considerations ~ what is mandatory and what is desirable? Local vandalism record, type or types of fence and/or hoarding required, possibility of using fencing which is part of the contract by erecting this at an early stage in the contract.

Safety and Health Considerations ~ check to ensure that all the above conclusions from the considerations comply with the minimum requirements set out in the various Construction Regulations and in the Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974.

Typical Site Layout Example

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