Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Electrical Supply to Building Sites ~ a supply of electricity is usually required at an early stage in the contract to provide light and power to the units of accommodation. As the work progresses power could also be required for site lighting, hand held power tools and large items of plant. The supply of electricity to a building site is the subject of a contract between the contractor and the local area electricity company who will want to know the date when supply is required; site address together with a block plan of the site; final load demand of proposed building and an estimate of the maximum load demand in kilowatts for the construction period. The latter can be estimated by allowing 10W/m2 of the total floor area of the proposed building plus an allowance for high load equipment such as cranes. The installation should be undertaken by a competent electrical contractor to ensure that it complies with all the statutory rules and regulations for the supply of electricity to building sites.

Typical Supply and Distribution Equipment ~

The units must be strong, durable and resistant to rain penetration with adequate weather seals to all access panels and doors. All plug and socket outlets should be colour coded :- 400V † red; 230V † blue; 110V † yellow.

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