Saturday, December 21, 2013


Site Storage ~ materials stored on site prior to being used or fixed may require protection for security reasons or against the adverse effects which can be caused by exposure to the elements.

Small and Valuable Items ~ these should be kept in a secure and lockable store. Similar items should be stored together in a rack or bin system and only issued against an authorised requisition.

Large or Bulk Storage Items ~ for security protection these items can be stored within a lockable fenced compound. The form of fencing chosen may give visual security by being of an open nature but these are generally easier to climb than the close boarded type of fence which lacks the visual security property.

Typical Storage Compound Fencing ~

Close boarded fences can be constructed on the same methods used for hoardings - see pages 92 & 93.

Alternative Fence Types ~ woven wire fence, strained wire fence, cleft chestnut pale fence, wooden palisade fence, wooden post and rail fence and metal fences † see BS 1722: Fences, for details.

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