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Office Accommodation ~ the arrangements for office accommodation to be provided on site is a matter of choice for each individual contractor. Generally separate offices would be provided for site agent, clerk of works, administrative staff, site surveyors and sales staff.

The minimum requirements of such accommodation is governed by the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963 unless they are ~

1 . Mobile units in use for not more then 6 months.
2. Fixed units in use for not more than 6 weeks.
3. Any type of unit in use for not more than 21 man hours per week.
4. Office for exclusive use of self employed person.
5. Office used by family only staff.

Sizing Example ~

Office for site agent and assistant plus an allowance for 3 visitors.
Assume an internal average height of 2.400.
Allow 3.7m2 minimum per person and 11.5m3 minimum per person.
Minimum area = 5 3.7 = 18.5m2
Minimum volume = 5 11.5 = 57.5m3
Assume office width of 3.000 then minimum length required is

Typical Example ~

Portable cabin with four adjustable steel legs with attachments for stacking. Panelling of galvanised steel sheet and rigid insulation core. Plasterboard inner lining to walls and ceiling. Pyro-shield windows with steel shutters and a high security steel door.

Ref. Fire prevention on construction sites † the joint code of practice on protection from fire of construction sites and buildings undergoing renovation. Published by Construction Confederation and The Fire Protection Association.

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