Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Established Procedure - the interested purchaser engages a building surveyor.

UK Government Requirements † the seller to provide a property/home information pack (HIP) which can include `A survey report on the condition of the property, including requirements for urgent or significant repairs . . .'.

Survey document preliminaries:

* Title and address of property
* Client's name, address and contacts
* Survey date and time
* Property status † freehold, leasehold or commonhold
* Occupancy † occupied or vacant. If vacant, source of keys
* Extent of survey, e.g. full structural + services reports
* Specialists in attendance, e.g. electrician, heating engineer, etc.
* Age of property (approx. if very dated or no records)
* Disposition of rooms, i.e. number of bedrooms, etc.
* Floor plans and elevations if available
* Elevation (flooding potential) and orientation (solar effect)
* Estate/garden area and disposition if appropriate
* Means of access † roads, pedestrian only, rights of way

Survey tools and equipment:

* Drawings + estate agent's particulars if available
* Notebook and pencil/pen
* Binoculars and a camera with flash facility
* Tape measure, spirit level and plumb line
* Other useful tools, to include small hammer, torch, screwdriver and manhole lifting irons
* Moisture meter
* Ladders † eaves access and loft access
* Sealable bags for taking samples, e.g. wood rot, asbestos, etc.

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