Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Deposit of Plans or Full Plans Application ~

• Application form describing the proposed work.
• Location plan, scale not less than 1 :2500.
• Block plan, scale not less than 1 : 1250 showing north point, lines of drains (existing and proposed) and size and species of trees within 30m.
• Plans, sections and elevations, scale not less than 1 :50 (1 : 100 may be acceptable for elevations).
• Materials specification.
• Structural calculations where appropriate, e.g. load bearing beams.
• Fee depending on a valuation of work.

The appointed inspector examines the application and subject to any necessary amendments, an approval is issued. This procedure ensures that work on site is conducted in accordance with the approved plans. Also, where the work is being financed by a loan, the lender will often insist thework is only to a Full Plans approval.

Building Notice ~

• A simplified application form.
• Block plan as described above.
• Construction details, materials specification and structural calculations if considered necessary by the inspector.
• Fee depending on a valuation of work.

This procedure is only really appropriate for minor work such as extensions to existing small buildings such as houses. Building control/inspection occurs as each element of the work proceeds. Any Building Regulation contravention will have to be removed or altered to attain an acceptable standard.

Regularisation ~

• Application form.
• Structural calculations if relevant.
• A proportionally higher fee.

Applies to unauthorised work undertaken since Nov. 1985. In effect a retrospective application that will involve a detailed inspection of the work.Rectificationmay be necessary before approval is granted.

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